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Window Restoration

Restoration of wood window sashes is our primary business. Restoring, repairing and reusing your home’s original wood windows is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty, comfort and efficiency of your historic home.

Save your wood windows! Your home's original old growth wood windows are irreplaceable and maintain the history of your home.

The wood sashes in historical homes and buildings were originally manufactured with wood from old growth trees. Because old growth trees had tight grain and were virtually knot-free, those sashes have lasted up to 150 years. With Schoberg Restoration’s process, your windows will last many more.




Sash Repair

At Schoberg Restorations, each sash will undergo complete transformation. Each sash goes through a painstaking restoration giving new life to old windows.


Custom Wood Storm Windows & Doors

Custom storm windows can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your old windows. All of our custom wood storm windows are made using true mortise and tenon joinery. 



Restoration over Replacement


Your home’s original windows just look better. Reuse–why throw away your home’s original old growth wood work? Make historical and older craftsmanship new again.


Your home’s original sashes are truly irreplaceable. Revitalize your home’s appearance with cleaner, newer looks.


Low Impact on the environment - no plastics, chemicals or emissions.


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